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Thanks to its experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, Certiquality offers a certification service in accordance with the IFS HPC standard as an instrument to guarantee the safety of consumers and professionals. Certiquality is authorised to carry out audits for IFS HPC certification in the areas of household chemicals and cosmetics.

IFS HPC is a standard that applies only to companies involved in the processing, handling and/or packaging of bulk household chemicals and retailer branded cosmetic products.

IFS HPC can only be applied where a product is ‘processed’ or where there is a risk of contamination of the product during the primary packaging process.

LThe IFS HPC audit is conducted to verify compliance with all of the following aspects:

  • Management responsibilities.
  • Management system.
  • Resource management.
  • Production process.
  • Measurements, analysis, corrective actions, incident management.

The IFS HPC scheme integrates the requirements of the quality system with the principles of risk assessment and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which are applied in the management of personnel, the working environment and production processes, from the procurement of raw materials to the release of the finished product.’audit a fronte dello standard IFS HPC è condotto al fine di verificare la conformità a tutti i seguenti aspetti: Responsabilità della Direzione; Sistema di gestione; Gestione delle risorse; Processo di produzione; Misure, analisi, azioni correttive, gestione degli incidenti. Lo schema IFS HPC integra i requisiti del sistema qualità con i principi della valutazione del rischio e delle Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) applicate nella gestione del personale, degli ambienti di lavoro e dei processi produttivi, dall’approvvigionamento delle materie prime al rilascio del prodotto finito.

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Following the growth of private labels in the distribution of home care products, the Federation of German Distributors (HDE), in cooperation with the Federation of French Distributors and the Italian Distributors’ Associations, has drawn up a standard to protect retailers by defining strict criteria for the qualification and selection of their suppliers. The IFS HPC standard has been developed with the intention of defining the

safety and quality requirements as well as the operational criteria that must be met by companies in the production of household chemicals, in order tocomply with all the obligations provided for by current legislation and for consumer protection.

IFS HPC certification is essential for all companies that want to expand their market and sell large-scale retail brand products.

Service final users

All companies that perform:

  • processing;
  • handling of bulk products;
  • primary packaging of household chemicals under the retailer’s brand.



Qualifies the company as a supplier for large-scale retail


Is recognised worldwide;


Allows producers to increase the confidence of the supply chains they serve by taking a proactive approach to product safety.


Ensures visibility and allows the audit report to be shared with the main distribution chains via the IFS database


Allows companies to carry out better control of internal processes with risk reduction

certification process

The certification process includes the following phases:

•any pre-audit that allows the assessment of the company’s status in relation to the requirements of the IFS HPC standard, in order to identify areas for improvement and strengths through a gap analysis;

  • certification audits;
  • issuance of the certificate, with sending of the audit report;
  • annual renewal audits;
  • any unannounced audits, carried out directly by IFS HPC inspectors.

The IFS HPC audit can be integrated with the ISO 9001 audit.