Supply Chain Audit

Verifica dei processi dati in outsourcing, qualifica e omologazione dei fornitori

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The aim of the Supply Chain Audit Serviceis to provide companies with a tool to maintain and enhance value along the supply chain and to protect the company’s reputation.
The service provides companies with the necessary support for the qualification process of a supplier and for checking that the aprocess/service entrusted to a third party is managed correctly.

It may cover a range of issues affecting the product/service or business management, such as:

  • ESG;
  • quality;
  • environment;
  • occupational safety;
  • ethics;
  • other aspects, such as security, data security, management of company layouts contained in supply specifications, regulations, international standards, guidelines etc.
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In a supply chain, the actions and performance of each individual company upstream and downstream can have a significant impact on the overall efficiency and effectiveness of all the companies in the chain.
In today’s competitive environment, a number of factors contribute to making an organisation or supply chain more ‘vulnerable’, threatening the achievement of its objectives. Efficient and effective management along the chain should therefore aim to limit the risk components so as not to compromise the pursuit of objectives.

The Supply Chain Audit Service is the new audit service developed by Certiquality to audit outsourced data processes and to qualify and approve suppliers.

It is therefore a ‘bespoke’ service, agreed and designed with and on behalf of the customer, and can be focused on a project, product/service, process or plant/infrastructure along the company’s supply chain.



Receive an independent judgment on the object of inspection.


Deepen and investigate the existence of specific issues.


Perform gap analysis at times of internal reorganization.


monitoring outsourcing


Assess the impacts of national or international and industry legislation.


Meet specific requirements of the parent company internationally.

assessment process

The ‘Supply Chain Audit Service’ is characterised by a process that can be summarised in the following phases:

  • understanding customer needs;
  • identifying the necessary documentation and skills;
  • issuing the technical offer;
  • project development;
  • issuing inspection documentation;
  • carrying out the inspection.