CertiqualityAbout us

We provide specialised certification, auditing and
professional training services

Our values

Moral integrity


We are committed to ensuring that there are no bias to impartiality in carrying out our business or that they are minimized, by means of a specific risk analysis that is constantly monitored. 

Achieving excellence

We pursue quality in all our actions. We seek continuous improvement of the way we operate, thus ensuring the highest level of competence and updating in the performance of our activities and maintaining a constant attention to detail in every step of our work, using resources in the most efficient way.
Social responsibility 

Social, environmental and safety responsibility

We are committed to conducting our activities as responsible members of the civil society, contributing to the progress of local communities, in accordance with the primary role of the company.


We constantly strive to inspire confidence in all parties involved in the credibility of certification and evaluation in general, to our Customers, to the Customers of the Organizations certified or evaluated by us, to the Customers of the People certified by us, to the Authorities, to the Non Governmental Organizations, to Consumers and to the community in general.
Customer partnership 

Increasing people value

We are committed to fostering the professional and managerial development of those who work within our organization, motivating and recognizing everyone's contribution in line with the organizational behaviours we promote: customer focus, result focus, innovation, reliability, spirit of initiative, interpersonal skills and collaboration.


The main objective of our activity is to support changes, as a driving force for innovation and value creation, by: 
• offering the market qualified services with a high professional content, for the evaluation of Processes, Products, Services of Organizations and people expertise, by supporting the process of continuous improvement also through our professional training services; 
• making our People and facilities easily accessible; 
• working in close contact with our Customers, thanks to a structure widespread throughout the territory, to grasp their needs and meet them promptly with customized services, aimed at defining the best sustainable development paths from a social, environmental and economic point of view, in the perspective of the circular economy; 
• recognizing the centrality of all the People who work within our organization or cooperate with it; 
• requiring all levels of our organization to act consistently with the Law, the accreditation standards and the rules established by our Institute to ensure our reputation and the quality of our service and guaranteeing those behaviours to Customers and Institutions.

Our clients; Global Coverage

Certiquality can efficiently work with: Large companies having one or several sites, nationwide; SMEs and companies identified by their reference areas; Central government; Local govenment; Foreign manufacturing sites of Italian companies

CERTIQUALITY is a partner of IQNET (International Certification Network) and has issued certifications across Europe, as well as in many other non-European countries. IQNET - The International Certification Network has been active since 1990, and has almost 40 Partner certification bodies with more than 200 subsidiaries worldwide. Each of these  IQNET Partners is a leader in their region; and collectively through  IQNET, this represents the most extensive and reputable network of certification bodies worldwide.
All IQNET  members have signed the  IQNET  Multi-Lateral Agreement (MLA). This means they mutually recognise the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and various other certificates of all other IQNET  partner as being equivalent to their own.