M-ELAI02 / Salute e sicurezza

Dirigenti - Sicurezza sul lavoro (english version)

Descrizione del corso

The course aims at providing all Executives with the training related to health and safety in workplaces as stated in the European laws.

It also aims at providing a major perception of the risk during work activities.

This course is carried out in compliance with article 37 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and the State-Regions Agreement of 21/12/2011 and 07/07/2016.

The training path aims to convey to the Executives the basis of a culture of safety at work.

The Executive training covers two peculiarities:

  • the tasks performed by Executives within the organization;
  • the specific activities that Executives perform by replacing the Employer in the application of the safety and security rules.

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