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The validation service for Sustainability Reports provided by Certiquality consists of verifying the conformity of the data and information contained in the document produced by the organisation with the criteria defined at national or international level (e.g. GRI guidelines).

Certiquality audits cover the methods used to collect, assess, manage and disseminate the data and information contained in the Sustainability Report, with particular attention to the analysis of the business processes that generated them.

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In recent years, consumers have become much more aware of the impact of their habits. At the same time, the attention of all stakeholders, including local authorities, has increased.

Sustainability reports meet the need for transparency to all stakeholders

(shareholders, employees, customers, the public, local authorities etc.) and are a tool for communicating economic, environmental and social policies and activities related to the organisation’s interaction with the community and the context in which it operates


  • Manufacturing companies.
  • Service companies.
  • Local government.

Any organisation wishing to demonstrate and communicate its founding values and principles, its stakeholder engagement activities and results and its performance and improvement targets in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability.



Demonstrate a commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability to the market and to all stakeholders. 


•Strengthen a positive perception of the company.


•Make the activity carried out transparent and give it a higher profile.


Affirm the right of the stakeholder to be informed


Lead the company to a responsible business strategy


Build a database from which to define actions for improvement

Validation process

The Organisation sends its sustainability report to the Institute. After an initial assessment of the document, audits are carried out at the Organisation to assess how the data are collected and managed and, if applicable, whether they are complete as regards the reference guidelines (e.g. GRI). At the end of the process, a statement is issued by the Institution relating to the validation of the Report in the form of a letter of assurance.