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Prior to the publication of the European recommendation, Certiquality had already started a project called “Promoting the dissemination of OEF and PEF methodologies in Italy" with the collaboration of leading Italian universities with years of international experience. During the project, Certiquality performed OEF and PEF assessments, thereby becoming the first certification entity in Europe to carry out audits according to the provisions of the recommendation.
We ensure that the information, data and documents prepared by an organisation to measure its OEFs or PEFs comply with the OEF and PEF guidelines contained in the recommendation itself. The organisation is then issued an attestation of verification.
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In 2013 the European Commission published a recommendation (2013/179/EU) on the use of common methods to measure and communicate the life cycle environmental performance of products and organisations.
The recommendation promotes the use of the environmental footprint methods in relevant policies and schemes related to the measurement or communication of the life cycle environmental performance of organisations. The Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) is a method based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), to measure the environmental performance of an organization. The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) applies the same method and approach to measure the environmental performance of a product or service.


Any business wishing to demonstrate its commitment to improving its environmental performance, either with respect to a product  or to the organisation itself

Your Benefits

Develop a knowledge base of the environmental performance of your organisation and/or your products and services in order to identify any measures for improvement, including in terms of costs and economic benefit.
Demonstrate to all stakeholders your organisation's commitment to environmental sustainability and its responsible attitude towards environmental issues.
Facilitate green supply chain management.
Enhance the reputation and image of your organisation while preventing “greenwashing” risks through third-party verification.
Use marketing strategies designed to associate new customer requirements in terms of social and environmental values with your organisation’s activities.

The Certification Process

The certification process includes a documentary analysis of the information prepared by the company for measuring the organisation’s or the product’s environmental footprint over a given period and a subsequent inspection on the organisation’s premises. This concludes in the delivery of a report and of an attestation of verification. Such activity will be repeated for each required time period.