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Certiquality, a leader in the field of voluntary certification of management systems, has developed a set of specific services aimed at supporting businesses in monitoring and managing the risks associated with legal compliance. These services consist of auditing, assessment and gap analysis activities designed and developed according to specific customer requirements.
We offer legal compliance services in the following areas: ENVIRONMENT: waste management, atmospheric emissions, environmental permits (AUA, AIA, etc.), water cycle management, transport, management of soil and ground water regulatory compliance, greenhouse gases, etc.; HEALTH AND SAFETY: Risk assessment pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/2008, assessment of specific types of risk, fire prevention, dangerous goods, REACH/CLP regulations, confined spaces, etc.; PROCESS SAFETY; DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY; TECHNICAL REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS: U Machinery Directive, explosive atmospheres (ATEX), manual handling, etc.
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The current regulatory framework governing environmental protection and health and safety is becoming increasingly complex and inconsistent. Applicable law is articulated at various levels, ranging from EU Directives to local regulations, which may not necessarily be consistent with each other as their drafting is often uncoordinated. Compliance therefore becomes particularly challenging, especially when it must be reconciled with production goals and the objective of increasing company value.
It should be noted that the direct liability of business organisations has been significantly expanded following the extension of the administrative liability of legal entities pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001. This is also true of health and safety offenses and of environmental crimes.
In such a complex setting of increasing risks, the need for adequate updating and monitoring is constantly growing.


Companies interested in raising awareness of compliance-related risks through an  independent assessment of the extent of their  legal compliance

Your Benefits

Gain access through Certiquality to a network of experienced and competent professionals to assist you in the identification, monitoring and prevention of risks related to applicable laws and regulations.
Independent assessment of legal compliance levels is available.
Enhance the consolidation between legal issues, operational management and voluntary management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001).

How we perform our services

Our compliance services are designed to meet specific customer needs. A such, both the actual performance of the services and the corresponding output can vary according to these needs. The assessment teams are put together so as to ensure that all the necessary skills and experience (in terms of risk assessment and monitoring, auditing, technical and legal skills, etc.) are present.
Activities generally include a preliminary analysis of the available documentation, on-site inspections and interviews.