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Business Continuity

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Certification against the ISO 22301 standard consists in the auditing of an organisation’s management system, paying particular attention to the following: Methods for identifying incidents which may disrupt the organisation’s business, consequential risk analysis through the assessment of related impacts, defining an activity monitoring and control system, developing impact mitigation plans and programs, developing emergency management procedures.

The output of our services, in addition to the issuance of a certificate following a successful audit, is also the identification of opportunities for improvement that the organisation can pursue.
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In an increasingly competitive market, it has become necessary to make sure that a product or service remains available to the customer at all times.
To ensure this continuity, both preventative and responsive tools are necessary, as unexpected situations that may affect production and distribution structures are by nature unpredictable.
Examples of disruptive incidents include natural disasters, sabotage, terrorist attacks, market turbulence, disruption of vital suppliers in the supply chain or information technology systems breakdown.
In this context, the ISO 22301 standard provides a systemic approach and the necessary tools to prepare an adequate prevention and emergency plan to deal with critical situations.


Any organisation wishing to develop and improve  its management of business continuity and demonstrate the soundness of the system  to its stakeholders

Your Benefits

Enhance your organisation’s resilience, and ensure minimum operational recovery times following disruptions.
Keep losses to a minimum thanks to strong business continuity plans
Gain a competitive advantage in times of crisis.
Give your customers greater assurances of reliability and stability, by guaranteeing delivery times and procedures during operational disruptions.
Protect your company’s assets.
Achieve potential reductions in insurance premiums.
Identify opportunities for improvement of your business continuity management system thanks to periodic audits by Certiquality.

The Certification Process

  • application for certification;
  • acceptance of Certiquality’s offer;
  • performance of a preliminary audit (optional);
  • performance of a certification audit (in two stages);
  • management of any identified deficiencies;
  • deliberation by the Certiquality Technical Commission;
  • surveillance audits.