Tailor-made inspection services

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CERTIQUALITY carries out inspection services aimed at auditing the processes, services and products of an organisation (Third Party Inspections) or those of its suppliers (Second Party Inspections).

The service may cover a range of issues affecting the product/service or business management, such as:

  • quality
  • environment
  • safety
  • ethics
  • other (e.g. security, management of company layouts)

contained in supply specifications, regulations, international standards, guidelines etc. To carry out inspection activities, it is possible to use technological supports and tools that guarantee on-time reporting, such as SMS, MMS.

Per l’effettuazione delle attività di ispezione è possibile utilizzare supporti e strumenti tecnologici che garantiscono una reportistica on time, quali ad esempio sms, mms.

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The inspection service is an audit and control activity which may include an inspection and tests and consists of an assessment of conformity with specific or general requirements.

The inspection service is designed together with the client organisation and is carried out in accordance with the principles of the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC

17020 standard, the international standard that sets out the general criteria for ensuring competence, independence, impartiality and confidentiality in inspection activities by third party bodies. It is therefore a ‘bespoke’ service that can be focused on a project, on a product/service, on a process or plant/infrastructure.

Service final users

  • All companies that want to audit their own project, process, product, service or site.
  • All companies that want to audit and qualify their supply chain.
  • Consortia or Associations that wish to qualify consortium and associated companies



Independence of judgement in relation to the subject matter of the inspection.


Feedback on specific issues.


Fixed costs become more variable.


The service is characterised according to a process that can be summarised in the following phases:

  • understanding customer needs;
  • identifying the necessary documentation and skills;
  • issuing the technical offer;
  • project development;
  • issuing inspection documentation;
  • carrying out the inspection.

Based on the strengths, weaknesses or potential risks identified, the client organisation will be able to assess any improvement actions and interventions to be undertaken.

The effectiveness of the corrective and/or preventive action plan implemented by the organisation may be assessed by Certiquality with subsequent follow-up audits.

At the end of the audit, Certiquality will issue the audit report containing the assessment of compliance with the requirements for which the audit was requested.