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Logistics management of food and not food

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Certiquality has become a reference in the field of logistics and provides certification services against the IFS Logistics standard as an effective tool to guarantee consumer safety.
Certiquality is accredited to grant IFS Logistics certification and performs audits which are conducted by highly qualified personnel, who can also carry out integrated audits against the key standards regulating transport and logistics.

An IFS Logistics audit is conducted to verify each of the following aspects:
 Senior management responsibility;
 Resource management;
 Performance of the service;
 Measurements, analysis, improvements;
 Food defence and external inspections. 
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Following the growing use of private labels in the food retail industry, the associated members of the German retail federation (HDE), in collaboration with the federation of French retailers and the Italian association of retailers, developed standards that would help protect retailers by defining strict criteria for the qualification and selection of their suppliers. 
Retail chains and producers share the aim of trying to achieve maximum transparency and efficiency over the whole food supply chain, including logistical activities, which represent a fundamental link, particularly with respect to cold chain management. 
The IFS Logistics standard was developed by German, French and Italian retailers in collaboration with the IFS North America working group.
Achieving certification against the IFS Logistics standard is essential for all companies wishing to expand their market and demonstrate to high-volume retailers that their logistics (transportation, storage, distribution, loading and off-loading) comply with the standard requirements.The IFS Logistics standard is internationally recognized as a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) scheme.


Any organisation, regardless of its type or size, involved in the logistics management of both food and non-food products

Your Benefits

Qualifies the certified company as a supplier to the high-volume retail industry;

Provides recognition at an international level;
Allows to share the audit report with the largest retail chains through the IFS database;
Allows companies to ensure food safety in compliance with applicable legal requirements;
Implements continual performance improvements in terms of food safety;
Enhances mutual confidence between suppliers and retailers.

The Certification Process

  • an optional preliminary audit to assess the company’s situation with respect to the requirements of the IFS standard in order to identify, through a gap analysis, strengths and potential areas for improvement;
  • a certification audit;
  • issuance of the certificate and delivery of the audit report;
  • annual surveillance audits;

Certiquality can perform integrated audits combining IFS standards with the main food safety standards and regulations (ISO 9001, BRC, UNI 10854, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, Global.G.A.P., product certification, ISO 22005).


Notification of incident

If an incident occurs that compromises the food safety of a product, including recall/withdrawal or non-compliance with a current food safety regulation, the organization must inform Certiquality within 3 working days, by sending the form " Notification of incident" at