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CE marking for metal structural work

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Certiquality as Notified Body (No. 0546 ) for Reg. (EU) No 305/2011 carries out audits in order toissue the Factory Production Control certificate necessary for the declaration of performance and CE labelling of metal structural work products.

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The certification of factory production control for steel or aluminium structural work products is covered in Regulation (EU) No 305/2011, which replaced Dir. 89/106.

The European Regulation, published in 2011, is binding throughout the European Union and defines the conditions for the placing on the market of construction products with the aim of guaranteeing the safety and protection of users and the free circulation of products throughout the European Union. Structural work products for construction are considered to be all products whose declared use is congruent with permanent incorporation into buildings and which contribute to the static stability of structures.

Depending on the intended use of the product, the manufacturer must assess its suitability for use. Once the characteristics of suitability have been defined, the manufacturer must set up a production control in order tomonitor and control the product, enabling it to issue the Declaration of Performance with subsequent CE labelling of the product.

Service final users

The service is aimed at all companies that market metal (steel or aluminium) structural work for buildings with certification level 2+.Tutte le aziende che immettono in commercio carpenterie metalliche strutturali per le costruzioni con livello di attestazione 2+



Mandatory certification to carry out this activity


Obtaining, through the same evaluation process, ISO 3834 welding management system certification.

certification process

The manufacturer submits an applicationfor certification to Certiquality (Notified Body).

Based on the applicable certification levels, products, standards and mandates, it plans the audit at the manufacturer’s site.

Certiquality carries out the audit at the customer’s premises and checks whether the product characterisations are correct (assessment of the design scheme - technical calculation - or product tests). It audits the production control methods and, if necessary, also carries out an audit at critical outsourcers’ premises (e.g. external laboratories).

Certiquality issues a certificate of conformity of production control prepared for the manufacturer’s declaration of performance and CE marking of the product.

Once a year, Certiquality checks and monitors that the production control is carried out at the production site covered by the certificate.