<small>Iinformation Security Management Systems</small>ISO/IEC 27001

Iinformation Security Management SystemsISO/IEC 27001

Who is concerned?

Any organization which feels the need to improve the security
of the information related to its business
or its customers,
using internationally-recognized
best practices


The exponential dissemination of cloud-based automated information systems and applications has placed information security as the key issue for customer confidence and is of utmost importance to businesses today. This technological evolution brings about, along with numerous and undeniable advantages, the emergence and development of many issues related to both the proper use of technological instruments and their inherent security. 
The need to adopt organizational models which can assure top management that the investments made in new technologies to improve productivity and keep their company in pace with competitors do not adversely affect the company by creating new pockets of inefficiency and endangering business assets is becoming increasingly important.

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Certification against international standard ISO/IEC 27001 ensures that a company adopts a system for the reliable and secure management of business information systems (both with respect to computers and data) in order to:
Monitor and reduce management costs;
Ensure and demonstrate appropriate levels of service;
Monitor and reduce the risk of disruptions;
Reduce the risk of service interruptions (business continuity).
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The Certification Process

  • application for certification;
  • acceptance of Certiquality’s offer;
  • performance of a preliminary audit (optional);
  • performance of a certification audit (in two stages);
  • management of any identified deficiencies;
  • deliberation by the Certiquality Technical Commission;
  • surveillance audits.

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