<small>IT Service Management Systems</small>ISO/IEC 20000

IT Service Management SystemsISO/IEC 20000

Who is concerned?

Any organisation which provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services


In every organisation, the supply of services is becoming more and more dependent on Information Technology (IT) systems. The modalities of IT service management are gaining increasing value and relevance at the heart of every company. The adoption of an IT service management system that conforms to the ISO 20000 standard has now become a fundamental and recognised pre-requisite to the elaboration of customer-focused business processes which aim to achieve and guarantee the reliability of the services provided.

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ISO 20000 certification makes it possible for organisations to benchmark their ability to meet service requirements, their service level assessments and their performance assessments.
Through the model offered by the IT service management system, an organisation defines and outlines what actions it should be undertaking in order to provide high-quality-level IT support and services to. its customers, whether they be internal or external to the organisation.
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The Certification Process

  • application for certification;
  • acceptance of Certiquality’s offer;
  • performance of a preliminary audit (optional);
  • performance of a certification audit (in two stages);
  • management of any identified deficiencies;
  • deliberation by the Certiquality Technical Commission;
  • surveillance audits.

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