New accreditation for Certiquality: ISO 22716 standard

Certiquality has gained the accreditation for the certification of the societies which produce cosmetics in accordance with the ISO 22716:2008 standard: Cosmetics; Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), guidelines about good manufacturing practices. The ISO 22716:2007 standard is crucially important for the cosmetic sector since it has been recognized as a harmonised standard pursuant to Article 8 of Reculationa (EC) no. 1223/2009.

This regulation, which disciplines all the aspects related to the production and commercialization of cosmetic products, requires explicitly that in the cosmetic products’ manufacturing the GMP need to be respected. When the company is in possession of a certification ISO 22716:2007, the regulation recognizes to the manufacturer an assumption of compliance with the GMP.

Certiquality is the only Certification Body Accredited in Italy for the release of the Certification in view of the ISO 22716:2007 Standard and is the market front runner in the cosmetic sector.

The accreditation, released in view of recognized and internationally valid rules, is warranty of impartiality, independence and competition of all the staff which intervenes in the certification iter.